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There's a chance you're already familiar with the concept of using steel buildings for your home. For those of you that aren't, it's important to differentiate between these all-steel homes and regular steel frame homes. The distinction should be apparent: steel frame homes have skeletons forged of steel, but are supplemented with other materials. All steel homes are just that, and have walls and exteriors composed entirely from steel.

Metal homes are an increasingly popular option.

In addition to being strong, requiring fewer repairs, and having increased longevity, these buildings have vastly reduced construction times. The nature of prefab homes allows consumers to select ready-made components that are simple to assemble. A structure that might take weeks can be erected in day or two.

Metal homes are also cheaper on average, being composed of recyclables, and can be nearly completely recycled when the home has finally outlived its lifespan. On top of all this, steel prefabs provide a modular framework that is primed for expansion. Is it any wonder that more and more Americans are electing to make use of them?

American Steel Span is perfect if you're considering a prefab, all steel option:

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  • S-Model from American Steel SpanS-Model
    • High sidewall clearance
    • Popular building
  • Q-Model from American Steel SpanQ-Model
    • Maximizes usable interior space
    • Very economical building
    • Popular with farms
  • A-Model from American Steel SpanA-Model
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  • 40-year limited rust-through perforation warranty
  • AZ55 Galvalume® coating - provides more resistance to rust
  • Easy and fast to assemble
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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